Glass Foils

Glass Foils

Designs- 5
Size- 30x5 cm
Price- INR 50/-

These foils shifts color under different angle of light.

How to use-
1. Apply the polish of your choice on the nails
2. Cut the glass foils in small irregular pieces. Apply a clear polish over the polished nails and stick the foil pieces.
3. Apply a top coat to seal in your design.

Glass Foil No. 1- Shifts Color from transparent to blue to dark blue
Glass Foil No. 2- Shifts Color from transparent to pink to blue.
Glass Foil no. 3- Shifts color from pale yellow to purple.
Glass Foil no. 4- It is solid metallic green with metallic blue touch to it.
Glass Foil no. 5- It is a solid metallic pink with a neon touch to it.

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